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Sarah's Top 25 Albums of 2011

With a lot of indecisive time making this list, I present to you my top albums of the year. Coming up with orders for things is always hard for me but I tried my best. And talking about why is even harder so I'm skipping that altogether. The point is, these are all on this list because I loved the entire album.

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Fringe | 6B Picspam and thoughts/review

So it only took me a week but I have Fringe 6B thoughts because I loved the episode a lot. A super duper lot.

( Superbly long just as always seem to be.)

As for tonight's episode I cannot even flail properly it was so perfect, I think I just wanna do a full on picspam later for that, too.

And I held off on eating while putting finishing touches on that monster post full of coding, then I'm off to rewatch more Farscape.
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I've been putting off doing a cut for too long and this had to be done. In the past I've been really forgiving because I feel so at fault for just cutting people that I do, in fact, talk to every once in a while. But the problem with that is I had over 160 people on my flist and if I truly want to commit to getting back into LJ like I've been touting as of late then I must be willing to be more strict with the process. I believe I just cut 50 or so journals and I honestly feel better even if the number is still above 100, I'm usually quite lenient with these but I just want to say if I did cut you, no hard feelings, you're all great people but I just cannot keep up with everyone. I really am trying to keep friends I consider myself very close to, whom I talk to very often, not just every once in a while. Some new people will stay but other than that, I'm doing a big overhaul. Hope you guys know it's not you, it's me! Ah, how cliche but true. And again, the offer still stands, if anyone doesn't want me on their flist anymore, please feel free to cut me, I promise I can handle it.
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I only chose my Top 5 albums because I'm really weird this year I haven't really downloaded a lot of albums. I have missed out on a lot. I blame my summer internet hiatus. But the random things I did download and fell in love with are here. And then a few of songs I loved, as well. From the year 2010, anyway. Seriously, pretty random selection but that is me for ya.

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Ok then. Done! Coding these things are always such a hassle.
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Fringe 3x08 Entrada | Play by play thoughts


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Seriously, if anyone on my flist doesn't watch Fringe? With this episode? MY GOD, THE HOUR WENT BY AND IT WASN'T RUSHED I WAS LIKE WHAT HOW IS IT 8:50 ALREADY?! BEST. SHOW. EVER. One of those shoes that gets better and better each season. it's been mind-blowing this season, I CANNOT EVEN.
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Fringe 2x15: Jacksonville picspam | Peter/Olivia-centric

Whew, this took a bit longer than expected, I haven't picspammed in a while. I also slept a lot, read tons of post-episode fic (which I'll rec at the bottom) and went to the grocery store. Peter/Olivia centric because I am the biggest shipper for this couple it's not even funny. ♥_♥

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I think I had something else to say but I forgot. Fringe ate my brain. Oh no wait, I remember! I forgot how to make italics/bolds/underlines in the layout be different. I'd like for them to be the variations of the same green as the background here but I can't quite seem to figure it out. It's smooth sailing if anyone knows!
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cut; new year coming and all that

Only a few people, so no one I talk to on a regular basis is gone. Simply enough I am trying to keep closer friends these days and with a large flist that's hard so I cut people I feel I never really talk to. It's probably for the best for us both if that's the case. I wish you all the best in the world.