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I am a dangerously incompetent human being.
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04 24 09 - cut.
[Fr] Contemplate.
Ever since I got back into posting I found myself not recognizing a lot of people. So I did a cut.

I checked every journal and either we didn't connect, talk enough or at all and/or know your first name, I cut you. Also, some haven't updated in a while. Things like that. My flist was (and still is) huge and it's so hard to keep up with. I feel terrible when I don't comment on entries and I don't want it to be like a job to get through my flist. I love friends that I talk to a lot, have jokes and nicknames with, etc. I don't want to keep up the false hopes that we connected or had much going for us. I really do. I'm sure you are all super and hope you have the world ahead of you, I do. And I think you deserve a better friend that will truly be that in every sense of the word. Good luck. :)
[Fr] Contemplate.
    I am making this post in an attempt to get everyone hooked on  the best OTP in the history of the universe: John Crichton and Aeryn Sun of the television series Farscape. This is literally one of the most obsessive ships I've ever had. Over four seasons,  their relationship had: action, adventure, betrayal, angst, love, frelling etc.
    The show itself ran from 1999-2003 before it was abruptly cancelled after the cliffhanging season 4 finale. Thankfully, they got a miniseries called The Peacekeeper Wars to tie up all loose ends along with a recently announced 10 arc webisode deal at scifi.com! Not too many details yet, but it's going to happen!

This was a joint venture among me and yourfavoritesky .
Please continue on to this post Welcome the Federation Starship SS Buttcrack!.
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To see more icons from this picspam, go here!

More links: Wiki, IMDb, Webisode news, John/Aeryn site
My friend intodelirium  (at fracturedshapes ) makes, imo, the prettiest Farscape and John/Aeryn icons.

I enjoyed making this, and I also hope you please do watch it!
Please feel FREE  to pimp this post to any and everyone.
[Misc] Television television!

Sarah. 20. Currently not working and not in college. So I watch tv a lot.

Icons: upshot.

I like lots of stuff. That's in my interests, there. This is an Equal Opportunity Friending Journal. I'll friend anyone as long as we have stuff in common and we're friendly. :D
Not adding any new friends at the moment, sorry. :)
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