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Fringe 2x15: Jacksonville picspam | Peter/Olivia-centric

Whew, this took a bit longer than expected, I haven't picspammed in a while. I also slept a lot, read tons of post-episode fic (which I'll rec at the bottom) and went to the grocery store. Peter/Olivia centric because I am the biggest shipper for this couple it's not even funny. ♥_♥

Peter: You've gotta be kidding me.
Olivia: Ah, Congratulations Mr Bishop. You just won an all expense paid trip to New York City.
Peter: I thought I told your people to take me off your contestant list
Olivia: Not according to our records. It says here that you're a fan of fine dining and excitement!
Peter: Do you have a supervisor? Anybody there I can complain to, 'cause this has to stop
Olivia: Did I mention there's excitement?


Peter: Don't be ridiculous, you're not experimenting on Olivia. And besides, you're
Olivia: Ok. I'll do it.
Peter: Olivia!

You know Olivia is mad at Walter for experimenting on her and all that Cortexiphan business but any time there is some wacky thing where she's all plugged in to wires and on drugs, etc she's like I'M UP FOR IT. Peter's looking out for her. Well this is what I construe it as, anyway.

Peter: Walter Jacksonville is a thousand miles away.
Walter: It's a thousand sixteen, to be exact, not counting the trip to the airport!
Peter: Walter, look. I'm sure whatever you need, we can get it here.
Walter: What I need is in Jacksonville! Jacksonville is where the process worked. If I'm able to do it again, it has to be there.

You can really tell Peter is very uncomfortable with this. And that Olivia is willing to do it, at that.

Walter: Do you see anything?
Olivia: Like what?
Walter: Sixteen items in this room are from the other side. Well perhaps if-if you look a little closer, come on. Go ahead.
Olivia: There's...nothing.
Walter: well, we should get started. I was hoping to avoid this.

I wonder if Peter is one of the sixteen items? Hmm. And if there's any significance to him standing by the sunlit window? Kinda like it's harking back to Momentum Deferred when the sun was shining behind him and Rebecca Kibner recognizing it, right?

Olivia: I have a freakishly good memory. I remember everything. Not this. There's just nothing that's familiar.
Peter: Maybe that's a good thing.
Walter: We just about ready? You may want to change into something more comfortable.

This was a very short exchange but it was powerful. I loved it

Walter: Perception is inherently an emotional response. how we feel affects the way we see the world. That's how Bell-y and I reasoned that extreme emotion could stimulate this perception. Those acute feelings of fear, and love or--or anger would--would heighten the awareness. Open the mind, as it were. The drugs help, of course.
Olivia: Is that Cortexiphan?
Peter: [nods]
Walter: Start the IV drip, please. Left arm.
Peter: You sure you wanna do this?
Olivia: [nods]
Walter: Oh, wait! Right arm. No left arm, left arm.
Olivia: I am singing in the rain.
Walter: Oh, the drugs are working fast! Perhaps it was the right arm
Peter: What?!
Walter: She'll be fine, Peter.

Peter is just exasperated at Walter here, you can tell. Also, I don't know if I'm getting too into it but the light illuminating behind his head in the fourth frame, is this another shoutout to his glimmering later on? Hmm.

Olivia: [gasps]
Peter: Is she all right?
Walter: No, but she's not supposed to be.

And Walter asks for pretzels. You can practically hear Peter roll his eyes in frustration.

Walter: Good news: it worked.
Olivia: What the hell is wrong with you? You did this to little children?
Walter: [says nothing]
Peter: [Looks contemptibly at Walter]
Walter: We should get to work.

Hoo, boy.

Walter: Anything?
Olivia: Nothing. Now what, should we go find some more kids to scare?
Walter: I have no idea.

It's sad to see her so angry at Walter but it's obvious Walter isn't a cold-hearted SOB anymore. Confliction!

Peter: Hey. Is this a part of Walter's test?
Olivia: [shrugs]
Peter: Are you alright?
Olivia: No. I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

There's this little mircoexpression Peter does with his mouth after she shrugs. I don't know if anyone else saw that but Lie to Me has already honed my perceptive skills of noticing the tiniest bit emotions being displayed. He is so worried for her.

Peter's little shrug here and his messy hair. Unf.

Peter: Hey. I figured if I can shut down all the non-essential functions, I can make these things run faster.
Olivia: It's too late. I failed. I failed, and I'm supposed to be the one who can stop things like this.
[said in more intimate whisper-y talk than full volume talking so yeahhhh HOTTTTTT]
Peter: Olivia. You-I've never met anyone who can do the things that you do. [caresses her cheek]
Olivia: Peter...I'm scared.
Peter: Don't be...what?
Olivia: Peter. I'm scared. [runs off to save the day]

AND THE BIGGEST (MY FAVORITE) MOMENT OF THEM ALL. THE ONE THAT MADE ME YELL 'KISS111!!!' AT MY SCREEN 4 DOZEN TIMES. Alas. No I am not sorry I included 30 frames of it. MOMENT BY MOMENT BREAKDOWN, YO. The writers are just gonna goad us little bit little, I know it. It's gonna drive me up the wall but in a way an almost kiss was better than an actual kiss now that it's seeped in? IDEK. No. Actually I would prefer hot wall sex but, well, I have fic for that.

Peter: Yeah Monopoly is great. He loves the colored money. Ok, thanks again, I'll see you soon. Hey Walter, that was Astrid. She's gonna come over and play some games with you.
Walter: [is enjoying pudding ♥] Oh, good. I hope she likes Monopoly.
Peter: [he laughs OMG HIS LAAAAAUGH unf)
Walter: Where are you going?
Peter: Me? I'm going out for drinks.
Walter: Oh, who are you drinking with?
Peter: Olivia?
Walter: Agent Dunham? A date?
Peter [lying liar who lies] No. Just drinks. Apparently that's what normal people do. They go out for drinks.
Walter: [does the cutest little shippy jig]

Walter ships them hardcore. It's been a little thing since the beginning but these last few eps it's been particularly blatant. I LOVE IT.

[Olivia literally lets her hair loose and smiles A QUICK SMILE-- I SAW THAT! AND IT IS A DATE YOU TWO STOP LYING.]

Walter: She's here, Peter.
Peter: I know, I heard it, too.
Walter: Shall I get the door?
Peter: Absolutely not.. In fact, It'd be my preference it you could be someplace else alltogether.
Walter: Oh--where?
Peter: Chicago? ...Hey.
Olivia: Hi.
Walter: Olivia, please don't tell him.

I had to do this whole last sequence for good measure because it was all so bittersweet. Monopoly! Walter and Astrid are bffs! Walter's little jig when Peter says he's going for drinks with Olivia. (Denying it's a date, psssh! UM I SEE WHAT YOU TWO ARE DOING, LIV YOU LET YOUR HAIR LOOSE AND PETER GOT ALL DRESSED UP) Peter wanting him to not answer the door and be in, oh, Chicago? Olivia and Peter ALL smiles when they see each other and then BAM he's glimmering and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH D: D: D: Rock and a hard place for Liv. IDEK how they are gonna play this out. How long will Olivia keep it secret, if at all. How will she tell him if she doesn't confide to Walter's pleas? Will the episode pick right where it left off or a week later? Oh we'll find out soon enough. Although 7 weeks is not soon. >:| FOX, why 7 weeks?

Fic recs!
What Is our Ending
On the Fringe of a Feeling
He Was Hers
Of Freedom
Secrets Untold

I think I had something else to say but I forgot. Fringe ate my brain. Oh no wait, I remember! I forgot how to make italics/bolds/underlines in the layout be different. I'd like for them to be the variations of the same green as the background here but I can't quite seem to figure it out. It's smooth sailing if anyone knows!
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