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I only chose my Top 5 albums because I'm really weird this year I haven't really downloaded a lot of albums. I have missed out on a lot. I blame my summer internet hiatus. But the random things I did download and fell in love with are here. And then a few of songs I loved, as well. From the year 2010, anyway. Seriously, pretty random selection but that is me for ya.

5. Lone Wolf The Devil and I

I had actually never heard of the artist before but rather downloaded this on a whim from a music blog. Oh man. This is such a melancholy album about casting one's thoughts back onto the mistakes they made and pondering how they reacted to them after the fact. But I think the best part is the instruments and drums and his sad voice. There's even one track that almost sounds like...well, it reminds me of a creepy dusty attic where a music box is playing. Solemn and solitary is what this is.
Favorite tracks: This is war, Keep your eyes on the road. The devil and I (part 1)

4. Stars The Five ghosts

I've liked Stars in the past but I hadn't really listened to any of their albums over and over from start to finish in a long time until I found this one. This one really hit the mark for me. All the songs, I do love. It's got that synonymous Stars feel to it but with something more. It's curious and whimsically haunting, if that's possible. If that sounds ridiculous, I'm sorry but I'm just utter crap with explaining things and why I like them.
Favorite tracks: Dead hearts, The last song ever written, Opinions versus the sun


3. Tom McRae The Alphabet of Hurricanes

Another random music blog download. And see, this is what I love about downloading things on whims. You can find some of the best music you've heard and might never have found had you not just said "Yeah, let's give this a shot." This album is really weary and about loss and is sad but has a hint of hope in it. His voice is just so soulfully painful. And the songs aren't just my favorites of the year, a few are some of the best songs I've ever listened to. It's an odd thing with me to like sad songs. But when it's done like this, it works.
Favorite tracks: Still Love You, Won't Lie, American Spirit, Can't Find You

2. Band of Horses Infinite Arms

I think this whole album is full of nostalgic feelings and reminiscing. I've liked Band of Horses for a while now, but I think what really sparked a new interest in them was the fact they had the song On My Way Back Home from this album on an episode of my favorite tv show (Fringe!!! PS: I rec this show to everyone because it is amazing and frustratingly perfect). Then the album came out right after that and boom, my love increased with each subsequent listening.
Favorite tracks: Factory, On My Way Back Home, Evening Kitchen, NW Apt.

1. Cloud Cult Light Chasers

This whole album flows like a river of energy through the cosmos that is your brain. I have always liked Cloud Cult but I think this is my favorite album of theirs. I did end up having favorites on the album, but I can say that the entire thing works when you listen through from the first track to last. I'm completely not apt with words to properly describe it other than sweeping, grandiose, powerful. Perfect.
Favorite tracks: Unexplainable stories, Forces of the unseen [Note: FAVORITE EVER], There's so much energy in us

FAVORITE SONGS OF 2010 - It's a short list, obviously, because I failed at getting lots of music ok.
Stare to Declare - Alvin Purple
Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone
She's Long Gone - The Black Keys
Beat The Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Teardrop - Civil Twilight
Spanish Sahara - Foals
Time - Hans Zimmer
Lights - Interpol
I'm Coming Home - J. Cole
Marchin' In - Lo-Fi-Fnk
My Body Is A Cage - Peter Gabriel
A glamour - The Phantom Band
The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart) - Ryan Bingham
Drain The Blood - The Rural Alberta Advantage
Sink / Let it Sway - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
The Old Blind Man - Stornoway
Black camera - Wintersleep
Little black box - Yoav

Ok then. Done! Coding these things are always such a hassle.
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